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According to Development Psychology, Children Grow & develop largely at 3 levels i.e. Genetics, Environment & will.

  1. Genetics are inherent traits, attributes and abilities that children inherit from their parents.
  2. Environment is where the child is placed growing after birth to maturity. This includes basic needs provision (Food, Shelter & Clothing), Education, Health, Spiritual, Religious, Cultural, Ethical, Gender, Economic and Political influences the child growth/development positively or negatively.
  3. Will means that when children mature, they make their choices of life. Therefore your earlier interaction with children, socialisation and nurturing will greatly influence their will/choices.

Principles of Child Growth and Development

  • It is a product of the interaction of the child with his/her environment.
  • It follows an orderly sequence across children for example from head towards the heel.
  • It is a continuous process involving constant changes in the body such as increase in height, psychological functioning, intellectual abilities, and increase in vocabulary.
  • The different aspects are inter-related i.e. Social behaviour with Physical development.
  • It is an individualised process e.g. each child has his/her own rate of Physical, Mental, Social growth and development regardless of the child growth stages.

Roles of Parents and God Parents in Raising Children.

  • Pray for children in order to receive God’s blessing/ Grace/ Favour and scatter enemies into seven directions 1 Thessalonians 5:17.
  • Teach children in the ways to go, even when they will be old, they will not depart from the teachings /Instructions Proverbs 22:6.
  • Live by example so that what you say & do is truly reflected in your conduct for purposes of learning, imitation and point of Reference. Luke 2:39-40.
  • Support children in all faculties of life: Spiritual, Religious, and Financial, material, Cultural, Morals, Education, Health, Emotional, Physical, Talent development and general nurturing among others.

Therefore raising children is a permanent and pensionable responsibility which is divine and human as well as a state requirement from parents, guardians, and sponsors to do so.

Rev. Grace Lubaale


Questions for home cell and personal reflection

  1. Reflect on the challenge of raising children with reference to 1samuel 2, Luke 15:11-32 and share with your cell group members with remedies.

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