Welcome to St Luke’s Chapel Mulago Hospital

Our Mission

To develop a worshipping, loving, caring, mature and Holy Spirit-filled congregation in order to proclaim the kingdom of God.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to see Transformed People of God

Chapel’s Theme

“Choose whom you will serve.” (Joshua 24:15)

Welcome Message

Welcome to the website. It is intended to help us as members of St. Luke’s Chaplaincy family and the rest of the world to communicate the Love of Jesus Christ in a more efficient and supportive way. It is my hope that the opportunity for web communication will make us alive to our motto of “Always teaching, preaching and healing…” (Mathew 4:23)

I hereby welcome each and everyone to the website in the name of God Almighty the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Rev. Canon. Udongo Albert Festus

About Us

The Chapel at Mulago Hospital began in 1973. The Chapel was housed within New Mulago Hospital complex. The Christians were praying in Davies Lecture Theatre on 6TH Floor. The need for a permanent structure was strongly felt as the Hospital expanded its services. The Christians raised money through out of pocket expenditure and the foundation stone for the permanent structure was laid by His Grace, The Most Rev. Dr. Yonah Okoth on the 22nd November 1992. This was during the time of the then Chaplain Rev. Canon Erasmus Bitarabeho. Eight years later, His Grace The Most Rev. Dr. Livingstone Mpalanyi Nkoyoyo, the successor of the Most Rev. Dr. Yonah Okoth consecrated the Chapel on 3rd December 2000. The Head of Laity at the time was Late Sam Laban Jjumba who was heading the school of orthopedics. It was at this time that the Anglican Communion at Mulago Hospital felt they had their own place of worship.

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