Discipleship and Nurture

Under this ministry,

the Chaplaincy develops a systematic biblically-based preaching and teaching programmes, themes and topics relevant to the congregation through Sunday service and other times that enhance growth and nurture of the congregation.
Develops a systematic bible study programme for the members of the congregation to encourage regular, systematic and consistent reading, memorizing, meditating and study of the Holy Scriptures.
Builds the congregation to be active members of the body of Christ by organizing Revival/Renewal weeks on regular basis.


Conduct bible study classes every 1st day of the week.
Conduct Bible Study Leaders Training at least twice a year.
Conduct a one day prayers for the discipleship ministry.
Purchase bible study books to facilitate bible study classes.
Conduct a get together evening tea for all bible study students to share testimonies and learning experiences at least quarterly.
Conduct a graduation ceremony for bible study class grandaunds.