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You are all most welcome for today’s service in Jesus name who is our Lord and Saviour.

Today we are focusing on having faith and Believe.

First and foremost, believe is to place one’s trust in God’s truth. It also comes from the Greek word pistis which means confidence of trust. Faith is well defined in (Hebrew 11) as a substance of things we opt for.

Why should we have faith or believe in God? Because of the following reasons:

He created everything including us , proved himself to be true through miracles, loves us through his Son Jesus Christ,  is the way the truth and life, has given us conscious not like animals, forgives and forgets, has assured us through his Son that there is Judgement and eternal life.

Secondly, how should we have faith/believe in God? Let us believe that God is present (Omnipresent, Omnipotent All powerful, Omniscient All knowing), we must believe that the bible is true that we must trust in his word, we must know that God forgives and forgets and that He does not lie and he is today, yesterday and forever.

Thirdly, when should we believe or have faith in God?, Now, every day and forever.

Fourthly, what proof is there to show that someone has believed in God? If one stops doubting God, about his existence and power, knowledge.

  • What lessons can we learn from John 20:24-31
  • Believing is seeing.
  • Thomas a man of courage and vision
  • He was an intellectual honest man and very practical, pragmatic disciple
  • he demanded for more evidence, He met resurrected Jesus
  • Lessons from Psalm 118:14-end
  • We must recognise and acknowledge mercy of God.
  • Prayer is the road leading a way from distress
  • The lord is the source of courage
  • The Lord’s help makes the difference.

        © Lessons from Acts 2:36-41?

  • We learn that sinners must repent of their sins.

Finally, we need to understand that who saved us? Who called you and me? Who created you and me? We were called to be holy calling not because of our good deeds but because of Grace 2Timothy 1:9 and that we must have assurance of our faith through Jesus Christ that God raised him from the dead. The love of God must be seen in us. How can we pretend that we love God yet we don’t love our neighbours so that the love of God should be evident in us.

We must have testimony, walking in the life; the fruits of the Spirit must be seen Gala. 5:22-26. 2Timothy 1:8.

Blessing in Christ Jesus

Rev. Kokas Erusu

Priest In-charge of AHAC

Questions for Home cell and personal Reflection

  1. Why was Thomas behaving in such a manner?
  2. How was Jesus able to answer the doubting Thomas?
  3. Share with your group members what you feel you doubt in your spiritual life so that you can be helped to grow in the Lord.

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