Youth Ministry

Our focus for this ministry is to:

  • Equip and empower students and youths in the Chaplaincy into visionary and responsible Christian leaders in their various professions through Leadership Training Seminars and Retreats (LTS/R).
  • Develop and build a vibrant youth ministry
  • Mentor the students/youths as agents of God’s kingdom
  • Evangelize the students through regular and consistent one-on-one/friendship and door-to-door evangelism approach.
  • Nurture and disciple the students/youth through systematic bible study and discipleship programme.
  • Coordinate all the youth groups for purpose of unity, monitoring and evaluation for effective and vibrant ministry among the youth.


  1. Conduct at least 3 youth Sundays
  2. Conduct annual youth retreat to enhance social relations and interaction among the youth.
  • Conduct annual youth conference to build visionary and responsible future leaders
  1. Conduct movie nights once a month on selected Christian films to preach God’s word among youth and Christians at large.
  2. Conduct youth leadership handover functions for both St. Luke’s, QE and AHAC youth leadership.
  3. Make at least four selected inter church visits to create exposure which would bring about improvement of ministry.
  • Organize intra sports gala to build talent among the youth.
  • Participate in the Diocesan youth revival night of prayer
  1. Conduct a SWAP dinner at least twice a year to build relationships