Worship, Sacramental, Liturgical and Rites

Under this ministry, the chaplaincy focuses on developing the members of the congregation to be a worshiping congregation through biblically authentic relevant and contextual worship style.
Train the Choir and Worship Team to understand and use worship that is vibrant, biblically authentic and contextual.


Conduct three vibrant worship services every Sunday.
Produce Chaplain’s message once every week to improve delivery of God’s word to all Christians.
Encourage members of the congregation to read the interpreted scripture to the Lord as presented in the Chaplain’s Sunday bulletin
Conduct choir practice sessions every Friday and Saturday of the week. Identify and recruit a choir trainer to improve on the singing ministry as well as build talent among Christians.
Conduct very vibrant Easter and Christmas carols.

Vi.     Conduct a worship talent show by the end of 2018

vii.     Conduct Holy Communion services at least twice in a month.