Hospital Ministry

Under this ministyr, the church does the following:

  • Pray for and with the patients in all the wards and institutions of Mulago Hospital on regular basis.
  • Evangelize and disciple the members of the community including those who attend to the sick, the Hospital staff and the community in and around the Hospital such as Katanga, Kiwonvu, Kafeero and Katale zones in Old Mulago, as well as Kitante through organized door-to-door, friendship and mass rallies on regular basis.
  • Equip and empower the Healing Ministry Team(s) (HMT) to carry out the above activities
  • Meet the needs of patients with the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.
  • Coordinate and partner with all the visiting teams from outside the Chaplaincy to enhance the vision and mission of the Chaplaincy in particular and the Church of Christ in general.


  1. Conduct hospital visits to pray for the sick on a regular basis (1st & 3rd every month)
  2. Provide some financial support to stranded and very needy patients as need arises.
  • Mobilize and Provide Easter and Christmas package for the patients.
  1. Provide some basic needs such as Clothing, sugar, soap for some identified patients in need
  2. Fundraise funds to purchase Hospital ministry Van to support outreach to other distant patients in other hospitals and hospice settings.