Prayer Ministry

Under this ministry, th Chaplaincy:

Mobilises members of the congregation to become a praying church through regularly organized prayer meetings, overnights, retreats, etc.
Develops biblically based teaching materials on prayer and fasting.
Empowers, through teaching and training , members of the congregation
Develops prayer groups in the Chaplaincy.



Conduct a graduation ceremony for bible study class grandaunts.
Conduct overnight prayers every last Friday of the month.
Conduct organized intercessory prayer meetings for God’s ministry improvement and for intended or desired break through as need may arise.
Conduct family prayer meetings with members of the congregation in their families
Conduct a prayer retreat for all the chaplaincy leaders to renew the zeal for ministry at least twice a year.
Conduct New Year eve prayers to celebrate year achievements refocus on the New Year vision in ministry and personal growth.
Conduct special prayers for members of the congregation in all Sunday services.