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You are all welcome for today’s service in the precious name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.
Today we are sharing about Emulating mother Mary”. According to the oxford advanced learners dictionary, to emulate some body means to try to do something as well as somebody because you admire them. As we celebrate with the mother’s Union Mary’s day, our focus is “Emulate Mary (Luke 1:26-38).
Let us quickly examine the life of Mary as the virgin girl, Mary the wife of Joseph the carpenter and Mary the mother of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; Namely:

  1. Mary the virgin Girl of Nazareth
  • She was a devoted worshipper of God.
  • She was promised in marriage to Joseph the carpenter (Luke 1:27)
  • The Angel Gabriel visited her (Luke 1:28)
  • She indeed became pregnant by the power of the holy Spirit (Luke 1:35)
  • She got married to Joseph (Mathew 1:18-24)
  • She did not choose to kill baby Jesus through an abortion.
  1. Mary the wife of Joseph the carpenter.
    • Mary was submissive to Joseph (1Peter 3:1-7)
    • They lived in Nazareth (Luke 2:4-5)
    • They raised a family (Luke 2:51)
    • They belonged to the lineage of King David (Luke 2:4, Mathew 1:16)
    • Their son Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judah (Luke 2:4-7).
  2. Mary the mother of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (Luke 1:26-38)
     She found Favour before the Lord God.
     She was very much obedient to God’s will (Verse 38)
     She was a loving mother (John 19:25,26).
    Through all the above Mary remained consistently a worshipper of Jehovah God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. She died a faithful witness of Jesus Christ. Therefore, all of us must emulate her.
    Congratulations to all members of mother’s union. Long live Families.
    Blessings in Christ Jesus.

Udongo Albert Festus (Rev. Canon)
Question for reflection and home cell discussion
Read Luke 1:26-38, 1Peter 3:1-7, Ephesians 5:15-33

  1. How can the life of Mary be a challenge as well as an encouragement to single females today?
  2. Mary was submissive to her husband Joseph. Discuss submission in today’s marriage settings.
  3. Share a lesson learnt from Mary.

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