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God is our refuge


Rev. Kokas Erusu

Children of God, you’re all welcome to this Palm Sunday sermon.

I greet you all in the name above all other names, in the name of Jesus Christ the son of the living God.

I hope the lord has kept you in this season. Be aware also that today is Palm Sunday and I expect you to have your palm leaves. As we lay down palm leaves, our clothes, for the king to pass by the road to Jerusalem at his triumphant entry to Jerusalem as a king.

Let us pray, my opening prayer is got in Psalms 61:1-8.

Today the lord has put His word to my mouth to tell you that ‘’God is our refuge’’

And our reflection shall be derived from the book of Judges 6:1- end. And Isaiah 50, Zechariah 9:10-12.

We all know that refuge is a hiding place for us in God for our protection.

When something oppresses us/ disturbing us; we tend to run to God for protection.

Unfortunately, some of us in the world/ church/ community run to other places like shrines ( to worship other gods). Which God condemns.

What are things that annoy God?

Pride, resisting God’s call (verse.15), idol worship, blasphemy ( denying the power of God and entirely depending on ourselves), corruption, human sacrifice, murder, etc.

 Children of God, what we must always pray for are God’s favor in our lives. Because God’s favor answers many things (answers healing of our land, brings deliverance of our families, brings God‘s protection and providence).

Children of God, when we disobey God, we call upon a curse to our land/ our families/ our lives. And when  a curse comes; we will even have the ability to manufacture / make something/ a weapon that can even destroy ourselves e.g. father kills the son, father slept with his daughter, etc.

But when we understand that the curse is in the land. What do we do? We must repent and seek God’s grace. God’s favor to heal our land, our church, our families, and our businesses, how? Through praying to Him, fast and obey his word the bible and meditate it day and night let it not depart from your mouth.

Children of God, there are something that God hates i.e. idol worship. Today the world, the church and the community is suffering or troubled because of this vice; the vice of idol worship.

Trying to find solutions and other alternatives  to our problems, happiness, wealth and protection. The struggle in the world today is that countries are struggling to make a name! That even caused the destruction of the tower of babel.

Super power countries in the world today like; U.S is now the super power country in the world and China is drawing closer.

In my opinion, the two countries are struggling for superiority. Who is the greatest? These countries have the ability to manufacture/ make destructive missiles and weapons/ viruses. Remember God hates pride.

Take a look, how many Christians are in china? Less to compare to non-Christians.

The world today have shifted their focus from God fame, sports i.e Arsenal, Man U, Chelsea, etc. these tournament/ sports have been considered important than God. So people can dodge Sunday services but cannot dodge watching these sports, isn’t that idol worship in the modern era?  Let us be very careful. God is calling us to repent.

In Africa, shrines of gods or idol worship do exists, In the U.S, A visible buildings are seen and they’re called ‘’ church of Satan’’ Theological seminaries/ universities for Satan. Clearly written! , for example: ‘’ Wool stein theological seminary’’ and Aquarian Tabernacle Church in USA.

Children of God, if we think that, idol worship, pride, corruption, fame, rich or poverty is powerful, come out and save the world from Corona Virus. (Judges 6:31).

Children of God, there are good news/ hope, God is calling you and me to run to Him for refuge in this difficulty season of Corona Virus.

Gideon was trying to run away from oppression of Medians and trying to hide with his family.

In our context, we are running away from Corona pandemic that is why we are in self-quarantine. But it does not mean we are Cowards, or TULI FALA! OMUGEZI ADUUKA!  Because, it is between death and life. It is for our own good and our health. Children of God, you might be in your own self quarantine, and you are asking yourself, where is the power of God in this season? Verse.13?

OUR response is found in Verse.14.God is calling you and me to be changing agents of our community/ church/ our country.

So let’s follow the directives from Ministry of Health, our president. When they say, wash hands, don’t touch your eyes, your nose, and your mouth. Let’s follow their directives, this thing are for our own good.

When they say by 7:00pm, Go and lock yourselves in the room.

In conclusion,  As children of God, let’s look ourselves, self-quarantine, by doing that is good but remember as you do it run to God for refuge, let’s stop Wolokoso! And FAKE propaganda. But let’s save our lives so that we serve God better.

The Lord blesses you and watch over you. May His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. May He look kindly on you and give healing, favor, peace, victory, prosperity, and other good things that come from Him. And the blessings of God Almighty, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit be with you, now and forever, more. Amen!

I see you then, thanks.



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