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Rev. Kokas Erusu

TRINITY: GOD THE FATHER (Gen 1:1-31, 2:1-3 Matthew 28:16-20

You are all welcome for today’s service in the precious name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Today we are focusing on God the Father one of the three persons in Trinity.

Trinity is a mystery far beyond our comprehension. It is the in comprehensible glory of the God head.
The Trinity is undoubtedly one of the most mysterious Christian doctrines. However, we would miss the point if we left the Trinity as a mere doctrinal discussion.
How does the Trinity practically apply to our everyday life?
The practical aspect of the Trinity is clear in (John 13-17). The disciples were deeply troubled at Jesus’ words about leaving them, thinking it would bring a devastating break in their relationship with God. But Jesus spoke clearly and tenderly to them, giving them guidance for continuing their walk with God after his departure. In giving this instruction, Jesus spoke about God’s Trinitarian nature. The aspect of God the Father and other persons but in one should be at the centre of our daily relationship with him.

Responding to the Father’s love. In light of Christ’s lessons on the nature of the father.

  1. He is fountain of divine love. He is the source of the encouragement we receive in the scriptures, in answers to our prayers, in the grace of the Holy Spirit in our lives, and in all the other blessings we receive.
  2. As the source of all, He is to be served as the object of all. He is the one to whom we respond with love, prayers, worship and adoration, we also worship the son and the Holy Spirit but because even the son and the Holy Spirit give glory to the Father and share in his glory. We worship the three in one with an understanding that the Father is the ultimate objects of all.
  3. We should honour the Father with the fruits of our lives. Just as a vineyard owner plants his vines in order to receive a harvest, so the father (the vine dresser) rightly receives the fruits that Jesus (the vine) brings to our lives the (branches) (John 15:1-5).Example: Trinity may be compared to an egg that has 3 parts; the shell, the white section and the yolk but in one.

The disciples had doubts even after they saw and heard Jesus. What did Jesus tell the disciples they needed to do obey his instructions. He told them the basics that all believers need to be told: Salvation must be genuine, God’s word must be our priority, and prayer is vital, stay filled and in step with the father & Holy Spirit.
All of this can be summed up as worshiping and glorifying God. They flow from God’s purpose to show the world that He is our Saviour.
Blessings in Christ Jesus.
Rev. Kokas Erusu
Priest- In charge UIAHMS

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