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You are most welcome for today’s service in the precious name of Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour.

In this post resurrection period of our Lord Jesus, we majorly focus on after events.

First and fore most is that it must be acknowledged that the disciples of Jesus Christ scattered after His crucifixion, many got stranded, became hopeless, greatly terrified, worried and wondering the next course of action. Their situation is not any different from ours in this present age when we get troubled by the challenges of our time like death of our dear ones, poverty, unemployment, destruction or loss of property and illness among others.

The appearance of Jesus Christ to his disciples in John 20:19-23 which is our major focus today indeed ushered instant changes with a lot of significance; namely:

  1. The disciples got relieved of the burden to explain Jesus status.
  2. They got peace when Jesus said peace be with you.
  3. They became hopeful that Jesus is alive and so they will also overcome death.
  4. It became clear that the future is bright with Jesus presence.
  5. They got the power to preach the gospel in and out of season.
  6. The ministry of priesthood was instituted with the powers to forgive sins.
  7. The future of the church, gospel & leaders was guaranteed.

Therefore, where Jesus is, there is relief, peace, hope, future, forgiveness, prosperity, and all is guaranteed hence the invite for all of you to embrace Jesus Christ as Lord & Saviour.

Blessings in Jesus name.

Rev. Grace Lubaale


Questions For Homecell And Personal Reflection

  1. Have you ever been stranded? Share with your group members the nature, lessons learnt and the best way to overcome such.

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