You are currently viewing Christmas Carols 2019: Love Your God and Neighbor (Mark 12:30-31) [VIDEO]

Christmas Carols 2019: Love Your God and Neighbor (Mark 12:30-31) [VIDEO]


You are most welcome for today’s service in the precious name of Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour. Today is Christmas carols Sunday and we thank the Choir for this preparation as well as our visitors and we praise the Lord for all of you.

The word Carol or Carole is a medieval word of French and Anglo-Norman origin, believed to mean a dance song or a circle dance accompanied by singing. Broadly defined, carols express religious joy and are often associated with the Christmas season.

It is unclear when the first carol was written but it is believed that circa 1350 to 1550 is the golden age of English carols and most of the carols followed the verse-refrain pattern.  During the 14th century carols became a popular religious song form. The theme often revolved around a saint, the Christ child or the Virgin Mary, at times blending two languages such as English and Latin.

By the 15th century the carol was also considered as ART MUSIC. During this time, elaborate arrangements were made and carols were considered an important contribution to English medieval music. Available evidence in the Old Testament indicates the role of music in Hebrew culture and later on in worship.  Music was used to serve at different purposes for example on occasion of rejoicing, songs of triumph after victory in battle (Exodus 15:1 ff, Judges 5:1ff, Miriam and the women celebrated the downfall of pharaoh and his horsemen with tumbrels and with dances (Exodus15:20ff).  Jehoshaphat returned victorious to Jerusalem with psalteries and harps and trumpets (2 Chronicles 20:28). Music, Singing and dancing were common at feasts (Isaiah 5:12; Amos 6:5).  In praising and giving thanks to the Lord; they sung like David Psalm 27:6 …“I will sing and make music to the Lord”.  Psalm 52: “Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with Music and Songs”. 

The importance of music continued even in the New Testament times as we see welcoming the lost son with Music and dance, (Luke 15:25).  St. Paul tells people of Ephesus to speak to one another with Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.  Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord (Eph.5:19).

Therefore, it is a common practice in all Churches to sing because singing is an important aspect of worship and praising the Lord.  We should embrace it holistically.God bless you as you hear, listen and ponder on all the music being sung today.

VIDEO: Choir Signing Christmas Carols During today’s second Sunday service.
St Luke Choir singing Christmas Carols
A member from the congregation ‘awarding the choir marks’ after a powerful performance as Rev. Grace looks on.

As you sing, let us be guided with desire to Love God with all your Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength as well as your Neighbour. (Mark 12:30-31)

Rev. Grace Lubaale

Associate Chaplain.

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