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2nd Sunday of Christmas SUNDAY 5th JANUARY 2020

You are all welcome to the 2nd Sunday after Christmas, which is also the first Sunday of the year 2020. Happy New Year once again.
A special welcome to all our visitors today.
Our focus today is on “Keeping the faith by being prayerful.”
As we are very much aware that the best way to demonstrate faith is in the way we devote ourselves to prayer. “You will pray as much as you believe.” According to Psalms 112:1, the scriptures say, “Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who finds great delight in His Commands, When we fear the Lord we are drawn to worship and adore him. It is him who defines our destiny and from him alone shall proceed our blessings. We are also commanded to worship no other gods but the Lord. (Exodus 20:2-3). From the book of Daniel we see how Daniel took time to seek God in prayer (Daniel 9:1-19). In this passage he confessed his sins and those of his community, Israel. He also petitioned the Lord God to restore the people of Israel and once again prosper them. This is an excellent example of intercessory prayer for a nation. We need to pray for our nation as Daniel did, repenting of sin and all kinds of wickedness that are in our Land and God will forgive and heal the Land. (2Chron 7:14))
Jesus prayed and taught his disciples to pray according to Mathew 6:5-15. The following summary may be considered;

  1. In prayer let us not be like hypocrites. We should be humble and call on the father who sees all things and pray in spirit and truth (John 4:23, 24) and he will answer and reward our faith.
  2. Use the Lord’s Prayer which is the model that we can never miss to learn from.
  3. We must always forgive everyone who sins against us, never keep a grudge because God will not listen to our prayer if we go on praying when we are keeping hatred in our hearts against anyone.
  4. Prayer is work, so we must work hard at it and will not regret.
    Wishing you a Prayerful lifestyle throughout 2020.
    Blessings in Christ Jesus, Amen

Udongo Albert Festus (Rev. Can.)

Questions for Home cell, Bible Study and Personal Reflection.
Read Daniel 9:1-19, Psalms 51:1-17, Mathew 6:5-15.

  1. In Daniel’s prayer he started with confessing of his sins. Why do you think that was very important?
  2. Israel had drifted away from God. Mention some of the sins which characterised their lives.
  3. Study the Lord’s prayer more.

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