Introduction: Praise the lord church. I am a child of God today we are all children John 1:12
A nurse is a care giver. A child is a young human being below the age of puberty or below the legal age of maturity. To take is to get hold of something in your hands .(Go through the bible story briefly) Exodus 1 and 2
Parents this you ought to do
God gave us these children because he loves us; he knows the importance of having children. Let us be encouraged that God cannot give us more than what we are able to manage. These children are not entirely ours we are just custodians; therefore we are accountable for their wellbeing. Take care of these children regardless do not see children go astray and you fail to correct them.. We as parents we represent God to these children as you stay with them let God be seen in you. We are the earthly parents’ fathers and mothers of these children.
Let us not misled them, there are parents because they have a position at church, when their teenage girls conceive, they remove the child. you are showing them that killing is okay what example are you showing these children. Let us be careful of the words we say to these children, the tongue is a very powerful weapon, it can destroy and build, and God spoke to create the heaven and the earth. Speak what you want to become of your children, speak blessings, prosperity, and wisdom to them (e.g. raw egg). Children are gifts from God, handle them with care show them love .Today God is calling us to nurse these children, they may not be your biological children but whatever child God has put in your care be a good steward. Do not divide love among children. They are a blessing to us, for example there are those few times when our spouses annoy us and probably we go silent in the house, it is these children who unit us.
Children are the primary hairs of kingdom of God mark 10:14. Be responsible, take them to school, feed them buy them cloths and other basic needs. Be your child’s role model, children pick quit a lot from us they like doing what we do. Instill in your children what you want to become of them. Don’t take them to the bars when you want them to be doctors. Respect yourself as a parent avoid doing something’s in the presence of these children e.g. drink alcohol, smoke or even send them to buy these things. Children please refuse. Allow children perform a few tasks for themselves; do not always finish work for them e.g. washings cloths, utensils. Most important teach Gods word to these children today I want to task us to write the ten commandments put them in the leaving rooms, remind them of his word all time.
Do not leave teaching of God’s word in the hands of the Sunday school teacher only prov 22:6
We have a simple role to play. Obey yours parents’ exodus 20:21One of the commandments that has the attachment of a promise. Obedience is the best way to show that we believe. Side effect of obedience e.g Adam and Eve
In Conclusion
Today God is calling us to nurse these children he gave us, if he outs it upon your heart to adopt, do not hesitate. Children because you received Gods word continue to live in him, rooted and establish in his word Colo 2:6-7 May God bless you and give you the grace as you plan to take care of his sheep. Take care of these children love them when you teach a child, you build a nation

December 7, 2019

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