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[PHOTOS] Mzee Fred Ssentamu gives life to Christ, gets baptised

It was an emotional moment during the Luganda service yesterday Sunday 24/June/2018 as Mzee Fred Ssentamu got baptised. A born of 1952, Mzee Ssentamu has been a muslim before becoming a christian.

“Do you turn to Christ? “Do you repent of your sins?” Do you renounce evil?” These are some of the questions the Priest, Rev. Dr. Grace Lubaale asked. Mzee Fred was in tears as he submitted and accepted to be baptised. Below are some of the photos.

Summary for the week’s activities beginning Monday 25th June- Saturday 30th June 2018 is as follows:

• Monday 25th/June/ 2018 Lunch hour from 1-2pm –Bible Study at 5:00p.m. New members are welcome to join.
• Tuesday 26th /June/ 2018 – Lunch Hour at 1 -2pm. And QE fellowship at the Nurses Hostel.
• Wednesday 27th/June/ 2018 – Lunch Hour at 1 – 2p.m. and mid-week service with Holy Communion at 5:30pm. You are all welcome
• Thursday 28th /June/2018 Lunch hour from 1-2pm. Home cells meeting at various places.
• Friday 29th/ June/ 2018 – Praying and fasting and teachings by the Chaplain at Lunch hour from 1-2pm. Choir practice – 5:00pm and also overnight prayer.
• Saturday 30th / June/ 2018 –Choir Practice 4.00 p.m.
Please reflect on the Lord and prepare for Sunday (4th Commandment Ex 20:10

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