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“MEANING OF TRINITY” (John 14:11-17 & Ephesians 1: 13-17)

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History & meaning of Trinity
The word ‘Trinity’ is not found in the Bible, and though used by Tertullian in the last decade of the 2nd Century, it did not find a place formally in the theology of the Church till the 4th Century.
Theology defines the subsistence of God by stating that God is One in His essential Being, but that the divine essence exists in ‘Three’ modes or forms, each constituting a person, yet in such a way that the divine essence is wholly in each person.
Formulation of the Trinity
In Trinity, each person of the Three is self-conscious and self-directing, yet never acting independently or in opposition of the other. When we say that God is a Trinity in unity, we mean that there is unity in diversity, and that diversity manifests itself in persons, in characteristics and in operations. Moreover, the subsistence and operations of the Three Persons are marked by a certain order involving certain subordination in relation, though not in nature.
The Father as the Fount of Deity is First: He is said to originate.
The Son, eternally begotten of the Father is Second: He is to reveal.
The Spirit, eternally proceeding from the Father and the Son is Third: He is said to execute.
While this does not suggest priority in time or in dignity, since all the Three Persons are divine and eternal, it does suggest an order of precedence in operation and revelation. Thus we can say that creation is from the Father, through the Son, by the Holy Spirit.
Implications of the Doctrine of Trinity
God head reveals that God is the truly living One. It removes Him far from any conception or stagnation or mere passivity.
God in Trinity is fullness of life, living in eternal relationships and in never-ceasing fellowship.
As God can, in an absolute sense, communicate Himself inwards in an act of self-revelation among the Three Persons, so He is able, in a relative sense, to impart Himself outwards in revelation and communication to His creation.
Trinity is a Christian belief/teaching that God is One in His essential Being, but existing in Three Persons of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit – who in totality influences and shapes our lives (spiritual and physical) and the universe.
We are therefore obliged to believe by faith, the meaning and implication of Trinity without question.
Reverend Grace Lubaale

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