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Rev. Kokas Erusu


1st week of Trinity Sunday 7th June 2020.

Do you have a sound testimony (do you have a sound testimony?), before you write the word testimony, the word test comes first.

You go through flames of tests in order to have a testimony; without a test there’s no testimony. For example if you are paying school fees of an orphan from primary one to primary six (p.1-p.6) but at the end of sitting for primary leaving examinations (P.L.E) in primary Seven, you fail to complete tuition you may not have a testimony and what this child tell to his colleagues or other people and what will you also tell others.

That you have been paying for this child’s school fees but to sit for final exams you failed to complete the money. You can see how you don’t have a testimony. The testimony involves ‘’pressing on’’ The same way when one pays from senior one up to senior three (s.1-s.3) but fails to pay for the child’s final term for final exams in senior four (s.4), etc. such a person does not have a testimony. Furthermore paying for senior five (s.5 and partly in senior six (s.6) but for last term for this orphan child to sit ‘A’ Level final exams you failed.

You there is no testimony and a first and second year of the degree course but fails to pay tuition in the last semester does not guarantee one for a testimony. What will you tell others that you started well but in the finishing line you failed?  So what testimony is there?

Question; how can you tell that someone does not have a testimony? When his or her testimony has a punch! If one of the tyres of your car has a punch; trust me that car will not move far. In the same way brothers and sisters if you lack a sound testimony in your life; in the spiritual realm, your life may not move very far. I am reminded of a young lady who testified that she has been looking for the job for years and they kept on tossing her; yes come tomorrow, come next week or come again.

Then lastly, the boss calls her in one of the evenings that she should go and meet with him and the meeting hour was 10:00pm in the night. And finally, she testifies that she has a powerful job! Now ladies and gentlemen such a testimony has a punch and not sound. That sister needs to check on her spiritual life. You cannot keep on staying in church and baring children yet you are not married and you think you have a testimony. Better ask for God’s grace to turn your life and ask for His forgiveness.

If the spirit of God makes you discover that you lack a testimony. Just go on your knees and ask of His grace and forgiveness to renew you and make you new and renew your strength.

And never should you go back to eat your vomit again! Make about turn of your life and be new.

Trust me God will give you His grace.

Three things that can make you pull down the attention of God.

Remember God is so busy, his word remind us that he is still at work.

1. Testimony or testifying God before the people, remember the story of David and Goliath, Moses and pharaoh (let my people go); Egyptian soldiers are coming for you look behind.

Moses stretched up the staff to hit the waters and there was a road. The devil fights against people’s testimony, he tells you don’t testify. It is not a big thing. In this corona someone brought you food, AND you don’t testify, imagine!  He protected you from accident among others. (Better testimony for His goodness from today!)

2. Thanking Him, (webaale nyo! In Luganda Language) or okumwebaaza!

The God who gave you a job,( thank Him), the God who saved you from barrenness,( thank Him), the God who saved you from being kidnapped and who protected Uganda in this Corona , (thank Him.) Thank Him for His goodness!

You can imagine, God grants somebody a break through and he or she cannot even testify. For instance, if you want to get the attention of a rich man, thank him, he will again sow a seed in you and if you don’t thank him/her that can discourage him /her. That’s how our God is, remember everything under or above heavens belongs to Him. In other words he is the owner of riches. We must thank him in bad and even good seasons.

3. Praise and worship

Breaks the heart of God to come closer to you, the book of psalms, and most chapters is full of praises and worship. Praise and worship enables you to reach nearer and nearer to the realms of the presence of God.

And when you are there and God ask you, what do you want me to do to you? Nkukolere kyi? Oyagala kyi?

I discovered a trick, that this is also applicable to our families and work places that if you want to identity with your boss or husband and wife, etc try to get their catching areas of interest; you will get their attention when you have been performing, good steward or custodian. He/she will multiply your promotion. You will get double double!

What do you want me to do to you?, take that anointing this season? But remember have a sound testimony. In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen! God bless you.

Reverend Kokas Erusu

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