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2nd Sunday of Epiphany SUNDAY 19th JANUARY 2020
It is important to know that we are stewards of what God has given to us. Our bodies, time, gifts/skills and resources etc.
One day we shall all give account to God of how we used these opportunities that we were endowed with. Psalms 50:10 “Every animal in the forest and cattle on a thousand hills belongs to him” so God does not ask us to give him because he is lacking but because he wants us to trust and depend on him for our sufficiency.
What motivates us to do the things or to give the way we give?
Do we think we are doing God a favour by bringing some money to church to take care of the Ministry needs?
In Malachi 3:6-12. The Lord challenges us to bring the whole tithes and offerings to his house and see if he will not bless us and we have not enough room for his blessings.
Many years ago (1999), the Lord challenged me that “I can never out give God”. That radically changed my giving!
My Testimony……………………….
Examine your way, could it be that sometimes we are held up in our tough, needy circumstances because of the way we have used the resources, opportunities, gifts etc. that God has given us?
What motivates you to give?

Rev.Dr. Richard Byaruhanga

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  1. Mutebi Billy

    Its working

  2. Mayanja

    Glory be to God. Receiving comes from giving. So to receive from God we have to give him

  3. Ainembabazi Penlope Blessed

    Great thanks for the good message of God. Am blessed

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